MCTL Vision and Mission & KRAS

The Ministry commits to providing continuity of service for its statutory functions and developing a range of new  initiatives which support economic and private sector growth with integrity and professionalism.

Vision: To achieve a dynamic, sustainable, and competitive business environment


  • To provide high quality advice to Government on business, commerce, investment, trade and labour matters.
  • To deliver high quality and cost effective services which facilitate private sector economic development.
  • To promote private sector business development, investment and employment opportunities whilst ensuring the protection of consumer interests, health and welfare.
  • To provide a range of labour market services which aim to improve employment relations, increase employment opportunities, facilitate seasonal labour mobility, supply labour market information, and assist development of policy advice.

Strategic Priorities
Over the next four years the Ministry is aiming to achieve the following strategic priorities whilst maintaining continuity in delivering its policy, service and statutory responsibilities. These priorities are allocated to the respective Divisions of the Ministry as follows:-

Key Result Area 1 :
Promote business and stronger private sector development· To expand and Diversify Tonga’s earnings by fostering and promoting sustainable export trade through market development, promotion and investment.

  • Enhance manufacturing and industrial incentives and reduce the costs of doing business in Tonga.
  • Promote business and stronger private sector development with a focus on levelling the playing field by strengthening legislative enforcement and business compliance.
  • Enforcement of Consumer regulations so as to protect the interests of the general public
  • Enforcing quality standards assurance for businesses
  • Streamline registration and licensing procedures to reduce unnecessary delays and costs to businesses
  • Strengthen harmonization and cost effective joint effort between ministries and ancillary authorities.
Key Result Area 2 : 
Facilitate investments and private sector credit
  • Undertake effective marketing initiatives in promotion of Tongan products and services.
  • Facilitate domestic and foreign investments.
  • Review trade and private sector development policies

Key Result Area 3:
Targeted sector support towards rural and regional communities

  • Encourage the role of the rural and regional economies (Vava’u, Ha’apai, Niuas and Eua) by developing MSMEs
  • Support participation of rural and regional communities in creating income generating projects
  • Encourage registration of Charitable Trusts, Incorporated Societies, Credit Unions, Cooperative Societies and other community based groups
  • Minimize market saturations so as to promote businesses in rural areas Address consumer issues in rural areas
Key Result Area 4:
Closer integration with the rest of the world
  • Pursue closer economic opportunities within the Pacific region and beyond in order to promote the domestic productive sectors.
  •  Trade policy development so as to secure market access through trade agreements and negotiations at the regional and international arena
  • Facilitate labour mobility schemes and labour market access including the recruitment of seasonal workers for the New Zealand RSE and Australia PSWPS.
  • Closer integration with international organisations/agencies responsible for Intellectual and Industrial Properties, registration of international companies, and issuance of Foreign Investment Certificates.
Key Result Area 5 :
Undertake reforms for more efficient government
  • Review of MCTL organization to be more efficient and targeted towards the economic recovery.
  • Develop core capabilities and services performance to achieve the MCTL Mission in a tightly constrained budget environment.
  • Improve efficiency in government revenue collection through enforcement of relevant legislations
Key Result Area 6:
Deliver continuity of policy and statutory responsibilities
  • Periodical review of the Ministry’s statutory responsibilities to reflect changing environment
  • Maintain continuity in the mission of MCTL for high quality policy advice, excellent service, statutory compliance, promotion of private sector development, and raising employment levels.